Stripes have always been an integral part of American style for decades, be it in sun-drenched Palm Beach, a Lake Michigan cottage, or poolside at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Our new collection, ‘Just Stripes’ harkens back to the roots of these classic design elements while bringing some new concepts forward to create fresh, timeless, and adaptable fabrics. 

A mix of multi-purpose and performance upholstery stripes offers endless possibilities around the home. And with over 100 colorways, the ‘Just Stripes’ collection stands apart from the rest with its brilliant mix of woven options that are sure to become a designer's best friend. 

Neutrals blend seamlessly with blues, greens, and even soft lavenders, ensuring that ‘Just Stripes’ is versatile enough to complete anything from a coastal beach house to a Wyoming ranch just outside of Yellowstone.

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